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Investing in new or expanding existing assets can add significant value to your business.  However, ineffective management of the project can severely limit the realization of this value.


Proficio Consultancy is available to assist you in many areas to mitigate these risks.  Our professionals “walk in your shoes” to represent you and your business to the many project participants.  This can limit delays and unplanned expenses stemming from interactions with external stakeholders and regulatory entities.


Proficio helps clients exceed schedule, budget, and overall performance targets on capital projects by mitigating environmental, safety, and compliance risks from conception through final investment decision, to operational handover.


We accomplish this by providing a wide portfolio of services that can seamlessly integrate into your organization.  We work in partnership with our clients’ development teams, engineering, procurement, and construction teams.  Providing services which may be lacking or fully utilized within your business.

Proficio has provided these project services to meet your project needs:

  • Project Management

  • Engineering

  • Document Control

  • Scheduling and Planning

  • Project Cost Estimating

  • Procurement

  • Permitting

  • Construction/Construction Management

  • Fabrication

  • Process Modularization

  • System Integration

  • Design - Build

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