Modular design and construction have become increasingly common in the process industries in the 21st century. Proficio’s engineers have been pioneers in modular design and construction starting over 30 years ago. In a modular plant or unit, the process equipment, instrumentation, piping systems, electrical wiring are mounted within a structural steel frame commonly called a module or a skid. In some cases, other systems such as process controls, electrical power distribution, fire protection, safety systems and insulation may be built into the modules. A modular plant or unit can be comprised of one or multiple modules that are fabricated off‐site, transported to the production site and designed to be easily reassembled at the site and integrated into the surrounding plant.


With decades of experience, Proficio is your turnkey solution for Design and Fabrication of Modular and Skidded Process Systems including:

  • Pilot Plants

  • Demonstration Units

  • Utility Skids

  • Process Equipment Skids

  • Pipe Racks

Proficio will procure all materials/equipment and fabricate your custom system and ship to your site. The system can either be designed by our customer or Proficio can otherwise design the Equipment, Piping, Structural Steel, Instrumentation, and Electrical systems needed for a completely integrated system.